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A Glance on Payment Protection Insurance Claim and it’s Deadline

In the UK, along with Lloyds, Barclaycard and Santander, there were many monetary associations that created an illegal havoc of selling PPI without the knowledge of customer and made a huge amount of money. There are around 18 banks and companies that are involved in the biggest financial outrage of UK.

These companies have not only collected the huge sum of money from the people but have also rejected the payment protection insurance claim without any justified reason. Due to the tremendous amount of feedbacks and complaints to the watchdogs, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK have created a timetable and deadline for the PPI claims.

People can claim their PPI till June 2019 and also the people with rejected PPI can ask for a secondary claim. Banks have been instructed by FCA to give the money back as soon as possible and take serious action regarding these types of claims.

Proving Payment Protection Insurance Claim: Undoubtedly people can make a claim toward a mis-sold PPI but they can get the refund only when they can prove that their claim is right. Many people will get their claims rejected due to trashy claim process so one must not look for an online form but get an official form to make the claim. In order to prove the claim true and get a refund, people can use the below mentioned scenarios:

  1. Companies usually keep a copy of paperwork or record of telephone calls. This information can be used as the proof of mis-sold PPI.
  2. Some banks have given confirmation to FCA to have reluctantly sold PPI through oral and written conformity.

Directives to payment protection insurance claim deadline: Using the feedback of the number of watchdogs around the country, both court and FCA have made a timetable in order put an end to PPI scandal. According to the proposal made by them, deadlines are as below:

  1. October 11, 2016: It was the deadline for PPI consultation. People are not able to get any consultation help after this date.
  2. December 2016: In December 2016, all the deadlines and rules regarding PPI claims have been confirmed. It included the guideline for ‘claim deadline’, consumer communication campaign and other changes to PPI grievance treatment.
  3. March 2017: By the end of March 2017, all the rules regarding the time taken to organize and accomplish the stipulation on ‘Plevin vs Paragon Personal Finance Ltd.’ Supreme Court judgment will be achieved.
  4. June 2017: The customer interaction movement will start in June 2017, allowing the FCA to have sufficient time to arrange the movement.
  5. June 2019: This is the final deadline to payment protection insurance claim for now on.


With the efforts of FCA and Court, UK is now putting an end to this huge scandal. By following the sets of guideline mentioned above and keeping the timetable in mind people can get their money back from banks against the PPI claim.

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The Most common PPI Scams and their Solutions

Introduction: Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) can be really useful unless someone has mis-sold you the policy alongside loans, credit cards and mortgages.

PPI claim Scandal in the UK: According to data, in the UK, banks have sold around 45 millions of PPI policies with premiums worth around 44 billion Euros to the bank. This amount is beyond the thinking of a common man and quite difficult to grasp.

Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK has proposed a deadline for people to make their PPI claim before June 2019. But what count as PPI mis-selling? There are some examples of what went wrong when by the sellers:

  1. PPI policy was added without the permission.
  2. Unemployment cover was unnecessarily sold to the self-employed, unemployed or retired people.
  3. Sellers failed to give information on the omission of pre-existing medical conditions.

PPI Scams and their solution: Other than poor communication and lack of information there are some goons in the society that use PPI claim. Basic idea is ‘to get your PPI compensation’.  Here are some examples of PPI scams:

  1. The phone call and email scam: Targeting unsuspecting consumers, these people claim to get your PPI compensation but in with an advance money payment.

To stay safe from such scams people should not give any detail regarding the bank or any card number. Only go for reputed companies in case of your PPI claims as they will provide you an invoice after the payment.

  1. Pay and get ‘refund’ scams: There are such companies that claim to provide a complete refund but in case they will not be able to re-claim any of your PPI money. But unfortunately, they are some goons after your money.

Never go for a company that is asking for money in advance. There are many reputed companies in the market who will work for your claims without any fees or refund policy.

  1. Door step PPI scam: Scammers go from door to door and claim to investigate about people’s PPI claims. Theses scammers ask for payment either now or after the PPI compensations.

Never give any detail to the person standing on your door and claiming to get you compensation because there is no such policy by any reputed company.

Conclusion: PPI claim is one of the biggest scandals in the history of UK. Many small scams have also happened but if people be polite and only choose a reputed company to get their PPI claim, they can be safe such goons. Your money is precious to you so spend it wisely and stay safe.

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Have you ever wondered what is affection? In Hindi, it is called ‘Moh’. Have you ever wondered what that means? Let me tell you a sweet story.

I looked at him through the mirror and smiled. He was sleeping peacefully. I kissed him on the cheek before standing up and starting my normal day routine.

I was cooking when he suddenly came and back hugged me. For me back hug meant a pure love and for him, it meant to love and care at the same time.

We were watching a movie together. Before meeting him it never mattered to me if the main lead dies in the movie or not. To me, it was only the demand of the storyline. But after meeting him everything has changed.

The main lead was dying, for the first time I was not liking the fact about killing the people in the movie. To me, it was suddenly unfair. I don’t know about him but I got so emerged in the movie that I started to think about what will happen to his family? Why are they meant to suffer?

That moment I realized, I am scared to death as well. When I was a kid, I didn’t like death because I wanted to see the world around me. I wanted to live for myself. But after meeting him I want to live for him.  “What will happen to him if I died? He loves me so much, he cares about me a lot. He wants me to smile all the time. He always acts funny just to see that smile on my face. When we are together it’s only my smile that matters. What will happen to him if I die?”

After meeting him everything has changed. The girl who was not afraid of dying is now scared. The girl who never liked death just because it would not let her see the world is suddenly scared because she doesn’t want to give him a miserable life anymore.

That was the moment when I realized how much he has affected my soul. How much scared I am to leave his side. This is what affection and this is what love is. 



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Steps to set up WPMU

Setting up a WordPress Multisite Network: There are a number of important steps to be followed while one is setting a WPMU network. Let’s study these steps before taking your WordPress experience to a whole new level:

  1. Setting the WordPress for network installation:Before initializing the steps that lead to the establishment of the WPMU, you must give it a thought whether you want sub domains or sub folders for your new WordPress. Then you must set up your WordPress by following the steps given below:
  • If you are using an old WordPress site then make sure to have backup of our old data.
  • You must authenticate all the permalinks in one WordPress instance.
  • All the active plug-ins should be deactivated.
  1. Enabling network setup menu item:This step follows the opening of ‘wp-config.php’ and making the value of the ‘wp_allow_multisite’ instance to true by adding the code: ‘define(‘WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE’, true);’. Then press F5 in order to move ahead.
  2. Network Installation: From the ‘Tools’ menu, select the ‘Network Setup’ item and follow the following steps:
  • As stated earlier you must decide if you will use the sub domain or the sub directory. By using sub domain the users will have an on-demand sub domain to use. By using sub directory the users will have on-demand paths.
  • The network details will be filled automatically though you can change them later on.
  • Finally, the server address (domain of the URL being used for accessing WordPress installation), the title of your network and the email address of the super admin will be filled.

After checking the entire filled information, click on the install button. The WordPress will now take you to customization page that will help in enabling the network. This page will have the set of codes that must be added in ‘wp-config.php’ and ‘.htaccess’ file. You can use an FTP for copying the text and pasting on the desired location.

After completing these steps you must remove the cookies and cache files of your browser and log in using the link given to you.

  1. Setting the network admin, administration and start of an enhanced WordPress: Once you have logged in, you will see a new toolbar item named ‘ My Site’ using which you can not only manage the different sites you will make as well as the authorities of the network admin can be managed and controlled. Network configurations, user and site registration, management of different sites, management of plug-ins and themes, etc. are managed in the ‘My Site’ tool item.

Conclusion: There is one troubleshooting issue in which your wild card domain (in the case you are using sub domains) may not configure correctly. For this, you must make sure that your web host supports the wild card sub domains. WPMU is a WordPress multiuser project that allows build up of new web sites under one WP installation and connects the community of different bloggers in different domains. With the help of WordPress MU, you can not only achieve build a strong network of websites but also have a new development experience.


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WPMU: Features and Advantages

What is WordPress multisite network: WordPress is an amazing tool to build up your own blog site or web sites. WordPress 3.0 have come with an amazing feature in which the developer can develop and manage a number of different websites from the same dashboard. The developer can create and manage the website on his own or can allow the different users to log in and create the website or blog site for their own purposes. This WordPress MU (WPMU or WPµ) feature is ideal for the people who want to create a big network of blogs and cooperative websites working behind the firewalls. It is ideal for the hosting of blogging networks, different academic institutions and cooperative companies working under multiple domains together.

Features and the benefits of WPMU:  Before understanding the different steps to set up a wide network of WordPress multisite, let’s discuss the different features and benefits of the WPMU.

Features: WPMU is not an online application of its own but a part of WordPress 3.0 which is needed to be enabled in case you want to setup a network of your own. For understanding, the unique features of the WPMU one can go through the points described below:

  1. The control of the different plug-in and the themes of the network are in the hands of the system or head administrator. Neither the site administrator nor the end user can create his/her own theme while working on WordPress multisite.
  2. It lets the different users subscribe as well as create their own account on the website so that they can create their own blogs using your website.
  3. Head admin is responsible for making all the changes in the working of the multisite over the network but the different site admin and the end users have the capabilities limited to their own accounts.

Advantages: Depending on the person there are different advantages for the admin and the users when they are working on WPMU. Let’s discuss these advantages separately:

  • Cons of WPMU for the Admin: There are following benefits:
  1. With the use of WPMU, the admin has the capability to build a user society online where a thousand of the users can be managed under one site.
  2. It is free hosting system hence the admin don’t need to pay high amount to build a hosting website.
  3. It is the admin who has the control over the plug-in, theme or we can say the complete customization of the website. Hence the look and feel of the website will always be according to the head of the society and no user has the right to build a theme or install a plug-in of their own.
  4. The host has the ability to limit the specific email domain from signing up on the website.
  5. The precautions and protection of the site are in one hand and at a single place, i.e. the host.
  • Cons for the users of multisite: There a number of exciting benefits for the users of WPMU. They have been stated as follow:
  1. Although the users can’t install their own themes but there is an opportunity of using the completely tested and ready themes without any hustle.
  2. It is a free and easy mode for the number of the users to create an account and start blogging instantly.
  3. One can be the part of a big community and build up a strong social relationship with the people working on the same domain.

WPMU is a WordPress multiuser project that allows build up of new web sites under one WP installation and connects the community of different bloggers in different domains. With the help of WordPress MU, you can not only achieve build a strong network of websites but also have a new development experience.



Top 5 Mild Exercises that Work Wonders Letting You Recover from Sports Injury

Introduction: Sports injuries are the harrowing or monotonous distress during playing or doing exercise. These injuries can be different for different type of sports as every sport has its own mechanical characteristic. In every sport, one must understand what and how the muscles are being used. This understanding helps in finding the grounds of any injury. Once the doctor knows about these grounds he can choose the appropriate type of treatment to the injury.

Some common types of sports injuries are tennis elbow, runner’s knee, it bend syndrome, rotator cuff, jumper’s knee, biceps tendonitis, bursitis, sprain/strain quad, golfer’s elbow, little league elbow, meniscus injuries, etc. All these injuries focus on the basic joints like elbows, knee, etc. These areas of our body consists a large number of muscles so finding the injured muscles is quite a difficult task. Hence, they require the type of treatment that uses a different strategy instead of biasing on a fixed muscle. Some of the exercises that are used are low level laser technique, active release technique, decompression therapy, kineiotape technique and chiropractic treatment.

Five Mild exercises: Sports injury has the capability to annihilate the athlete’s normal sports life. So, a resolute treatment to sports injury is required so an athlete can come back to his normal routine. After analyzing the facts and historical data of a sportsperson’s injury the doctor decides what type of treatment should be provided.

There are five types of treatments these days that helps in treating sports injuries.

  1. Cold Laser Treatment: It is also known as Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) in which laser doesn’t demolish the tissues but lend a hand in healing them.  The photoreceptors present in the cells of our body let the lasers to pass till it reaches the affected tissue. This microlight laser breaks through inside the tissues and helps in reducing inflammation, pain and swelling, promoting an accelerated recovery.
  2. Active Release Technique: ART is used in the case when the muscles are overused. When areas like neck and back feel an excessive amount of pain and when we have sports injury like carpal tunnel then one thing they have in common is overused muscles.

Active release technique with the help of soft tissue movement restores a normal motion of tissues. This enlistment of tissues helps in condensing muscles contraction and blemished tissues. Injuries like rotator cuff, hip pain, neck and back pain, bursitis, etc. can be healed using active release technique.

  1. Decompression Therapy: It is a reduction-stabilization therapy that helps in avoiding surgery in case of back and neck pain. It helps in healing disc herniation syndromes. It offers 70% of positive recovery rates and a faster healing time as compared to surgical procedures. There is spinal decompression therapy that pulls the herniated disc material inside and also provides wholesome blood flow to the disc for a superior recovery environment.
  2. Kinesiotape Technique: It is remedial taping practice that triggers the neurological and circulatory systems of the body to treat the muscular and lymphatic exhaustion. There is a use of latex-free tapes that help in supporting muscles, diminishing clogging in the gush of body fluids and curing the joint problems by targeting different receptors in somatosensory system of our body.
  3. Chiropractic Treatment: It is a part of new age medicine that helps in treating sports injuries, spinal pain and rehabilitation of our muscular fatigue. It is based on massaging of the affected areas and healing them with care and warmth of one’s hand. It is an effective treatment for headaches, migraines, neck pain, back pain, wrist, shoulders neck and knee injuries etc.

Conclusion: Treatments that have been described above are based on the three main practices i.e. soft tissue treatment, spine care, pain management therapy. They are a part of alternative medicines that don’t focus on surgical treatment but an inexpensive, pain-free and quick method to cure injuries. Mustering tissues and making a jam free flow of blood and nutrition in the body is the main aim of these exercises in order to cure injuries.