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Have you ever wondered what is affection? In Hindi, it is called ‘Moh’. Have you ever wondered what that means? Let me tell you a sweet story.

I looked at him through the mirror and smiled. He was sleeping peacefully. I kissed him on the cheek before standing up and starting my normal day routine.

I was cooking when he suddenly came and back hugged me. For me back hug meant a pure love and for him, it meant to love and care at the same time.

We were watching a movie together. Before meeting him it never mattered to me if the main lead dies in the movie or not. To me, it was only the demand of the storyline. But after meeting him everything has changed.

The main lead was dying, for the first time I was not liking the fact about killing the people in the movie. To me, it was suddenly unfair. I don’t know about him but I got so emerged in the movie that I started to think about what will happen to his family? Why are they meant to suffer?

That moment I realized, I am scared to death as well. When I was a kid, I didn’t like death because I wanted to see the world around me. I wanted to live for myself. But after meeting him I want to live for him.  “What will happen to him if I died? He loves me so much, he cares about me a lot. He wants me to smile all the time. He always acts funny just to see that smile on my face. When we are together it’s only my smile that matters. What will happen to him if I die?”

After meeting him everything has changed. The girl who was not afraid of dying is now scared. The girl who never liked death just because it would not let her see the world is suddenly scared because she doesn’t want to give him a miserable life anymore.

That was the moment when I realized how much he has affected my soul. How much scared I am to leave his side. This is what affection and this is what love is. 




My Subconsious Mind

‘I hold the hand of my brother and started whining about the bundles of the file he had given me.

“Bro !! where are you going? You know I can’t do this alone. Look at this!!! I have a lot of other works to do. You know I am not good for business. “

He picked up his bag and smiled at me.

Aarush I know you can do it. You are just like dad. After him, it’s you, who deserve to be here, not me.”

He hugged me for the last time and started walking out of the room. I blinked like a little baby and small tears started forming in my eyes. Soon he was out of sight making me realizing an empty feeling of loneliness and pain. I snapped out all the thoughts and run behind him. As soon as I reached outside I found myself in a graveyard with no one around me.

Brother!!! Brother!!! Comeback”

I started yelling and crying but no one was there to listen. Soon I was on my sitting on my knees in front of my brother’s grave when I felt a hand on my shoulder. ‘



Scary Vision to Reality

-Anikka’s POV-
“Aahan, pass me the ball baby!!” I said as I called my seven-year-old baby. He smiled at me and threw me the ball while we were playing in the park. He has grown big in the past 3 years when I first met him. He is not my real son. I found him scared and crying on the street that night. I did everything I could so that he could go back to his home but no one ever tried to find him. So I decided to be his guardian and decided to fight for his bright future that every kid deserved. I was lost in my own thoughts when he came and hid behind me. Three men were standing in front of me as one spoke out “Miss, we need to take that kid away from you.” The man who was leading them looked like a manager as he ordered me. With an alarmed toned, I answered back “Who gave you the authority? He is my son.” I held him tighter to my waist with the little boy looking as scared as ever. The man ordered the other two men standing behind him, who looked like security guards from their clothes, to take away Aahan from me. Both of them reached over and took away Aahan from my grip, beating my weak struggle to keep my son near to me. “Hey !! Hey !! He is my son…where are you…?Aahan!!!” I started yelling though a hand was holding me. I couldn’t get out of his grip. All I could hear my little boy calling me although I was helplessly crying and shouting for help. “