What are the different features of Artra Condo Singapore?

Now, that you have understood the meaning of the Condo let us inculcate the distinct features of the Artra Condo in Singapore that makes a perfect choice for you to buy.

Artra Condo is under the authorities of the Tang Skyline and Tang Group of Companies. Situated beside the Redhill MRT Station, this Condo is 99 years leasehold condo that is put by the URA under confirmation list under the government land seal program.

If you are thinking to buy a condo in Singapore then let’s tell you why must choose Artra condo:

  • Its location is its perfect feature as it is near the Central business city and right next to the Redhill MRT station. The central business city can be easily seen from the rooftop f your condo.
  • It has a direct link Bridge access to the MRT station which is the hub of many food restaurants. Not only Redhill MRT station, but the Tiong Bahru Plaza is only one MRT stop away.
  • With a serene and quite location, this Condo can be easily accessed by the different parts of Singapore due to the presence of Ayer Rajah Expressway (ARE) and Central Expressway (CTE).
  • It has the perfect location that many established educational institutions like Gan Eng Seng Primary and Secondary school, are a short drive away.
  • It is entirely developed with the childcare center, superstore, F&B and retail outlets.

Hence, the location of Artra Condo makes it the perfect choice if you are looking for a Condo to buy in Singapore.


What is a Condo?

“If you are confused between, and apartment and a condo apartment then keep one thing in your mind, Condo is all about sharing the spaces that are outside your apartment’s gate.”

Before understanding the different features about the Artra Condo in Singapore, let us discuss what a condo is about and how it is distinct from the apartments.

A condo is more like a society in which the space that is outside your apartment’s gate is shared by the people who are living in the same building. All you own is the apartment, but the area that is outside your apartment such the parking, garage, swimming pool, and other useable space will be shared with the neighbors and the people who come into the same condo building. The ownerships rules are made the Condo Association, and hence if you want to make any amendment in the shared area, you must follow the rules.  You have bought an apartment in the Condo then you are only the owner of the apartment but the joint owner of the space and the different commodities outside your apartment.

When you are thinking of buying the perfect condo apartment, then you must know about the type of the condo. It is not difficult to understand because all the difference is in the features that are provided by the condo builders. When choosing the condo, you must know the difference between the:

  • New Condos and the Old Condos
  • Townhouses and the Detached houses
  • Apartments and the Lofts
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Exploring the services presented by Auto Glass Companies

There are numerous auto glass companies in Espoo that provide numerous services to the customers regarding the windshield glasses and other mirrors in the automobiles. They provide different services to their customers that cover complete maintenance, insurance and replacement of windshields and accessories associated with them. While keeping in mind the safety of the driver and the other people in the car, auto glass services in Espoo provides high-quality maintenance and assurance to the customers.  They are a set of skillful people who provide expert services to you with an assured warranty period.

Discrete type of services: Before taking a decision on how to take care of your car’s windshield one should look for the services stated below and then opt the best option by analyzing various factors like price, expertise, skill, etc.

  1. Windshield crack restoration: In Espoo, auto glass companies provide the restorations to the damaged windshields and glasses. There are many restrictions to this service that depends on factors like the intensity of damage, location of damage, size of crack and how much time taken in between first assistance and the happening of damage. Restoration may lead to distortion in the glass and hence in some brutal cases glass replacement is suggested. Glass restoration is a quick, cheap and eco-friendly option.
  2. Windshield replacement: In the case of brutal damage, many companies in Expo suggest the customer replace the glass for future safety. But this process is quite time-consuming and costly as compared to glass restoration. Moreover, the broken glass will be of no use. Being non-biodegradable and non-recyclable it becomes an environmental hazard.  While replacing the glass the companies make sure to provide the high-quality glass to ensure the wellbeing of the customer.
  3. Insurance and Service contract: Some companies also provide insurance to the glass in your automobiles for the future services. They provide a warranty period in which people can get free service in case of damage. But there are certain terms and conditions to be followed by the both parties.
  4. Value for money services: The auto glass companies in Espoo provides high quality and value for money services to their customers by providing economical services and a complete expertise in the limited amount of time and cheap prices. One must do a complete research on the background of the company before choosing for the glass care of automobile.
  5. Rear window replacement and windshield wipers: They are two different and important parts in the automobiles that must be taken care of. Auto glass services in Espoonot only offer complete assistance in case of damage to the rear window but also replace it with high-quality glass. Windshield wipers are also provided while replacement of windshield for better vision in rain and storm.

Auto glass services in Espoo make sure that security of the driver in the vehicle is not compromised. In order to get the best assistance, people need to do a background check, seek for the past reviews, and look at the service lists and pricing of the discrete companies.

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Which one is superior: Windshield crack repair or Windshield Replacement?

Imagine on a stormy day, suddenly a piece a wood comes out from nowhere and hit your car’s windshield. The damage is so brutal that you can’t see anything properly as well as if another piece of wood or rock hit your shield then it will break into pieces.  Now you have only two options, either windshield cracks repair or windshield replacement.

When the technology was not advanced, then windshield replacement was the only choice for people. It is not only costly but also time-consuming. It is also an anti-environment initiative because now the broken, non-recyclable glass is of no use. It would be nothing but a non-biodegradable waste for the environment. This is the main disadvantage of windshield glass replacement.  Cost of windshield replacement can also be variable depending on the

  1. Nature and brutality of damage.
  2. Region of the damage
  3. Restoration type
  4. Selection of your auto glass service.

It can cost either tens of pounds or hundreds of pounds.

With the modern technology, these days there is another alternative in which you can restore the hole in your windshield and save both money and time. Repairing as a substitute for replacement is an environment-friendly idea because the glass of your windshield will not be a waste.

Factors affecting glass restoration process: Windshield crack repair is a technical process that can depend on aspects mentioned below:

  1. Location of damage: The site of crack and damage matters a lot. When the damage is on the edge then there is a quick restoration. But in case the damage is in the area that alters the vision of the driver then replacement of glass shield is suggested. This is because repair technique will lead to distortion in the glass that directly affects the vision line of the driver.
  2. The size of damage: Many companies can restore a quarter-sized rock cut and a crack with the length of 3 inches. Damage more than that leads to glass replacement.  Some highly-established companies may offer restoration of 12 inches crack as well. So before seeking glass replacement, people should do a proper check on the different windshield crack repair
  3. The brutality of damage: This is a must seen factor because the more is the brutality of the damage more chances of the replacement of the glass.
  4. Quick Repair: Time-taken in repairing the glass also affects the quality of the glass after restoration. The more is the time taken, more will be the dirt particles in the crack and more will be the chances of distortion in the glass.

Repair is more economic than replacement of the glass but it has its own inadequacies. The rate of distortion in the vision after the repair is the final parameter that proves if we should replace the glass or not. Windshield crack repair is the initial assistance provided to the glass. After this assistance, it’s the quality of your glass that helps in deciding if one should replace it or not.

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Different Type of Printing Mechanism for Cards

Introduction: There are many types of cards we are familiar with in our everyday life like business cards, invitation cards, greeting cards, playing cards etc. They are of the different type of designs and made of different type of papers. These cards can be shining, matt, smooth, rusty etc depending on the paper, ink and printing technique. There are different types of printing techniques like laser cut printing, digital printing, letterpress printing, engraving etc.  On the basis of the selected paper, ink and budget we can select a suitable printing technique.

Different types of printing technique: When it comes to printing then there are many confusing options available in the market. To choose the best and economic one we should know about the how much different these printing techniques are from one another. There are following types of techniques:

  1. Laser Cut printing: Also known as die printing; laser printing doesn’t use any type of ink for printing. It cuts away the paper in order to make design and the words. It is an impressive way of printing. It is the hardest type of printing to estimate the print time and cost because they depend on the design of the card.
  2. Digital printing: It is also known flat printing. Digital printing is the most common, most profitable, fastest and simplest printing method.  It uses the combination of inks and toner for laying down smooth, rich color on a verity of papers.
  3. Spot UV Printing: This printing is used to provide a glossy look to the card instead of an ordinary rough looking card. It is also known as Varnish printing in which UV spot is used for making selected parts glossy.
  4. Engraving: In this type of printing a heavy metal plate is created by the printer. This plate is inked and pressed onto the paper. A tissue is always given with such type of cards to keep the ink from smearing. It is the oldest way of printing and rarely available these days.
  5. Foil Stamping: Foil stamping is used just like engraving in which a metal plate is used to press the foil onto the paper with an adhesive agent like glue. It can be combined with digital printing to save the cost. One color can be foil stamped whereas rest can be printed.

Conclusion: There are many other types of techniques like letterpress, spot color, thermography, embossing etc. We can choose printing technique on the basis of our card type, cost, time and paper we are using. Digital printing is fastest whereas laser cut is most impressive.


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Papers for Making a Unique and Interesting Invitation Card

Introduction: An invitation card helps us to transfer our event details to our loved ones, colleagues and the other invitees. Information like the name of the event, date and time, place, RSVP, contact information, etc. must be known to all the invitees. So, Invitation card holds an important place while planning any event.

While making an impressive and theme-related invitation card two things are most important- the Paper and the Printing method. We must pick the suitable paper for a profitable and appropriate printing mechanism.

Different Types of paper used: While picking the printing paper we must consider the quality of the paper and its friendly manners to the environment. There are few guidelines that we can follow while selecting the best paper for our upcoming unforgettable time.

  1. The thickness of the paper should be chosen carefully. Because if it is too thick then we might end up paying a lot just for posting one invitation.
  2. The size of the paper should be easy to feed in the printing machine. Use a paper of 80 lb or 110 lb.
  3. The size of paper also affects the size of the envelope. So be sure that envelope for the card is easily available.
  4. The theme of occasion also plays an important role while selecting the paper. We must think about what we want. Do we want colors or textures? Should it be smooth or rusty? Should it be plain, thin or should it be rough or thick?  Before selecting the paper all these questions should be answered.

There are various types of paper like

  1. Cotton Paper: This type of paper is made up of 100% of cotton so there is no need to cut a number of trees for your event. It is durable and takes ink very properly. It gives a lovely touch but it is not environment-friendly.  It doesn’t accept laser printing as well.
  2. Kraft Cardstock: Kraft stock paper is a great choice for giving your invitation natural and rustic look. It can provide warm and neutral colors with enough textures to make the card visually interesting. It is environment-friendly because it can be easily recycled. But its thickness can be an issue for both printing and posting.
  3. Plain Cardstock: It is the cheapest and smoothest choice for making an  It is a plain and smooth white paper that provides enough room to a number of colors and neutral to almost every design. But it can’t be recycled.

Conclusion: An invitation card gives our event the first look and our astute selection of paper leads to an economic, beautiful and impressive first look. Paper affects the choice of printing technique as well so one must follow the guidelines before choosing the paper.

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