What is a Condo?

“If you are confused between, and apartment and a condo apartment then keep one thing in your mind, Condo is all about sharing the spaces that are outside your apartment’s gate.”

Before understanding the different features about the Artra Condo in Singapore, let us discuss what a condo is about and how it is distinct from the apartments.

A condo is more like a society in which the space that is outside your apartment’s gate is shared by the people who are living in the same building. All you own is the apartment, but the area that is outside your apartment such the parking, garage, swimming pool, and other useable space will be shared with the neighbors and the people who come into the same condo building. The ownerships rules are made the Condo Association, and hence if you want to make any amendment in the shared area, you must follow the rules.  You have bought an apartment in the Condo then you are only the owner of the apartment but the joint owner of the space and the different commodities outside your apartment.

When you are thinking of buying the perfect condo apartment, then you must know about the type of the condo. It is not difficult to understand because all the difference is in the features that are provided by the condo builders. When choosing the condo, you must know the difference between the:

  • New Condos and the Old Condos
  • Townhouses and the Detached houses
  • Apartments and the Lofts