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Which one is superior: Windshield crack repair or Windshield Replacement?

Imagine on a stormy day, suddenly a piece a wood comes out from nowhere and hit your car’s windshield. The damage is so brutal that you can’t see anything properly as well as if another piece of wood or rock hit your shield then it will break into pieces.  Now you have only two options, either windshield cracks repair or windshield replacement.

When the technology was not advanced, then windshield replacement was the only choice for people. It is not only costly but also time-consuming. It is also an anti-environment initiative because now the broken, non-recyclable glass is of no use. It would be nothing but a non-biodegradable waste for the environment. This is the main disadvantage of windshield glass replacement.  Cost of windshield replacement can also be variable depending on the

  1. Nature and brutality of damage.
  2. Region of the damage
  3. Restoration type
  4. Selection of your auto glass service.

It can cost either tens of pounds or hundreds of pounds.

With the modern technology, these days there is another alternative in which you can restore the hole in your windshield and save both money and time. Repairing as a substitute for replacement is an environment-friendly idea because the glass of your windshield will not be a waste.

Factors affecting glass restoration process: Windshield crack repair is a technical process that can depend on aspects mentioned below:

  1. Location of damage: The site of crack and damage matters a lot. When the damage is on the edge then there is a quick restoration. But in case the damage is in the area that alters the vision of the driver then replacement of glass shield is suggested. This is because repair technique will lead to distortion in the glass that directly affects the vision line of the driver.
  2. The size of damage: Many companies can restore a quarter-sized rock cut and a crack with the length of 3 inches. Damage more than that leads to glass replacement.  Some highly-established companies may offer restoration of 12 inches crack as well. So before seeking glass replacement, people should do a proper check on the different windshield crack repair
  3. The brutality of damage: This is a must seen factor because the more is the brutality of the damage more chances of the replacement of the glass.
  4. Quick Repair: Time-taken in repairing the glass also affects the quality of the glass after restoration. The more is the time taken, more will be the dirt particles in the crack and more will be the chances of distortion in the glass.

Repair is more economic than replacement of the glass but it has its own inadequacies. The rate of distortion in the vision after the repair is the final parameter that proves if we should replace the glass or not. Windshield crack repair is the initial assistance provided to the glass. After this assistance, it’s the quality of your glass that helps in deciding if one should replace it or not.

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