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WPMU: Features and Advantages

What is WordPress multisite network: WordPress is an amazing tool to build up your own blog site or web sites. WordPress 3.0 have come with an amazing feature in which the developer can develop and manage a number of different websites from the same dashboard. The developer can create and manage the website on his own or can allow the different users to log in and create the website or blog site for their own purposes. This WordPress MU (WPMU or WPµ) feature is ideal for the people who want to create a big network of blogs and cooperative websites working behind the firewalls. It is ideal for the hosting of blogging networks, different academic institutions and cooperative companies working under multiple domains together.

Features and the benefits of WPMU:  Before understanding the different steps to set up a wide network of WordPress multisite, let’s discuss the different features and benefits of the WPMU.

Features: WPMU is not an online application of its own but a part of WordPress 3.0 which is needed to be enabled in case you want to setup a network of your own. For understanding, the unique features of the WPMU one can go through the points described below:

  1. The control of the different plug-in and the themes of the network are in the hands of the system or head administrator. Neither the site administrator nor the end user can create his/her own theme while working on WordPress multisite.
  2. It lets the different users subscribe as well as create their own account on the website so that they can create their own blogs using your website.
  3. Head admin is responsible for making all the changes in the working of the multisite over the network but the different site admin and the end users have the capabilities limited to their own accounts.

Advantages: Depending on the person there are different advantages for the admin and the users when they are working on WPMU. Let’s discuss these advantages separately:

  • Cons of WPMU for the Admin: There are following benefits:
  1. With the use of WPMU, the admin has the capability to build a user society online where a thousand of the users can be managed under one site.
  2. It is free hosting system hence the admin don’t need to pay high amount to build a hosting website.
  3. It is the admin who has the control over the plug-in, theme or we can say the complete customization of the website. Hence the look and feel of the website will always be according to the head of the society and no user has the right to build a theme or install a plug-in of their own.
  4. The host has the ability to limit the specific email domain from signing up on the website.
  5. The precautions and protection of the site are in one hand and at a single place, i.e. the host.
  • Cons for the users of multisite: There a number of exciting benefits for the users of WPMU. They have been stated as follow:
  1. Although the users can’t install their own themes but there is an opportunity of using the completely tested and ready themes without any hustle.
  2. It is a free and easy mode for the number of the users to create an account and start blogging instantly.
  3. One can be the part of a big community and build up a strong social relationship with the people working on the same domain.

WPMU is a WordPress multiuser project that allows build up of new web sites under one WP installation and connects the community of different bloggers in different domains. With the help of WordPress MU, you can not only achieve build a strong network of websites but also have a new development experience.