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Steps to set up WPMU

Setting up a WordPress Multisite Network: There are a number of important steps to be followed while one is setting a WPMU network. Let’s study these steps before taking your WordPress experience to a whole new level:

  1. Setting the WordPress for network installation:Before initializing the steps that lead to the establishment of the WPMU, you must give it a thought whether you want sub domains or sub folders for your new WordPress. Then you must set up your WordPress by following the steps given below:
  • If you are using an old WordPress site then make sure to have backup of our old data.
  • You must authenticate all the permalinks in one WordPress instance.
  • All the active plug-ins should be deactivated.
  1. Enabling network setup menu item:This step follows the opening of ‘wp-config.php’ and making the value of the ‘wp_allow_multisite’ instance to true by adding the code: ‘define(‘WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE’, true);’. Then press F5 in order to move ahead.
  2. Network Installation: From the ‘Tools’ menu, select the ‘Network Setup’ item and follow the following steps:
  • As stated earlier you must decide if you will use the sub domain or the sub directory. By using sub domain the users will have an on-demand sub domain to use. By using sub directory the users will have on-demand paths.
  • The network details will be filled automatically though you can change them later on.
  • Finally, the server address (domain of the URL being used for accessing WordPress installation), the title of your network and the email address of the super admin will be filled.

After checking the entire filled information, click on the install button. The WordPress will now take you to customization page that will help in enabling the network. This page will have the set of codes that must be added in ‘wp-config.php’ and ‘.htaccess’ file. You can use an FTP for copying the text and pasting on the desired location.

After completing these steps you must remove the cookies and cache files of your browser and log in using the link given to you.

  1. Setting the network admin, administration and start of an enhanced WordPress: Once you have logged in, you will see a new toolbar item named ‘ My Site’ using which you can not only manage the different sites you will make as well as the authorities of the network admin can be managed and controlled. Network configurations, user and site registration, management of different sites, management of plug-ins and themes, etc. are managed in the ‘My Site’ tool item.

Conclusion: There is one troubleshooting issue in which your wild card domain (in the case you are using sub domains) may not configure correctly. For this, you must make sure that your web host supports the wild card sub domains. WPMU is a WordPress multiuser project that allows build up of new web sites under one WP installation and connects the community of different bloggers in different domains. With the help of WordPress MU, you can not only achieve build a strong network of websites but also have a new development experience.