Scary Vision to Reality

-Anikka’s POV-
“Aahan, pass me the ball baby!!” I said as I called my seven-year-old baby. He smiled at me and threw me the ball while we were playing in the park. He has grown big in the past 3 years when I first met him. He is not my real son. I found him scared and crying on the street that night. I did everything I could so that he could go back to his home but no one ever tried to find him. So I decided to be his guardian and decided to fight for his bright future that every kid deserved. I was lost in my own thoughts when he came and hid behind me. Three men were standing in front of me as one spoke out “Miss, we need to take that kid away from you.” The man who was leading them looked like a manager as he ordered me. With an alarmed toned, I answered back “Who gave you the authority? He is my son.” I held him tighter to my waist with the little boy looking as scared as ever. The man ordered the other two men standing behind him, who looked like security guards from their clothes, to take away Aahan from me. Both of them reached over and took away Aahan from my grip, beating my weak struggle to keep my son near to me. “Hey !! Hey !! He is my son…where are you…?Aahan!!!” I started yelling though a hand was holding me. I couldn’t get out of his grip. All I could hear my little boy calling me although I was helplessly crying and shouting for help. “