My Subconsious Mind

‘I hold the hand of my brother and started whining about the bundles of the file he had given me.

“Bro !! where are you going? You know I can’t do this alone. Look at this!!! I have a lot of other works to do. You know I am not good for business. “

He picked up his bag and smiled at me.

Aarush I know you can do it. You are just like dad. After him, it’s you, who deserve to be here, not me.”

He hugged me for the last time and started walking out of the room. I blinked like a little baby and small tears started forming in my eyes. Soon he was out of sight making me realizing an empty feeling of loneliness and pain. I snapped out all the thoughts and run behind him. As soon as I reached outside I found myself in a graveyard with no one around me.

Brother!!! Brother!!! Comeback”

I started yelling and crying but no one was there to listen. Soon I was on my sitting on my knees in front of my brother’s grave when I felt a hand on my shoulder. ‘